nonprofit marketing in the uk

February 5, 2016

Victoria Rae, former Director of Communications for UNICEF UK, joins us to discuss international fundraising trends and what different countries can learn from one another.

After over 20 years in nonprofits of all shapes and sizes, Victoria Rae has served as a development leader and dedicated volunteer. She’s in Kansas City by way of London, and she’s joining us to talk about:

  • The proliferation of monthly giving

  • Rethinking big, gala events

  • Professional development for nonprofit teams

GEMS FROM victoria

The most effective nonprofits develop strategies to help people help themselves. Development means change.

Take the long view as fundraisers and marketers. Respond to your donors and how they feel. Communication is a two-way street so be sure to build dialogue in both directions.


Seek opportunities for collaboration over competition. Look for people and organizations you can work with to solve a problem and make life better.

Develop yourself. Ask your organization to invest in your career development. For nonprofits, it’s a much more effective plan than losing the best talent and enduring the high cost and disruption of replacing skilled and dedicated staff.   The causes we work for can be challenging so we need motivated, committed, unstoppable leaders to steer us to success in our mission.

Engage with the causes you care about. Serve on boards – it’s a great way to develop new skills and networks. Join communities both face-to-face and online. 

Above all, be active if you want to see change.