Clear Messaging & Strategy for Adding New Programs & Expanding Your Nonprofit’s Mission

November 22, 2021

Terri Barnes, Founder & President, The Nia Project 

Terri Barnes is the Founder and President of the Nia Project in Kansas City. She has practical, actionable ideas for new nonprofits and organizations struggling to message programs, events and missions.

Here are her suggestions for nonprofits just starting out:

  • Look for others in the same boat as you. Find your peers so you can leverage what you’re learning together and support each other. You have different immediate needs than more established nonprofits and creating your own community of colleagues and allies is important.

  • Identify free resources. Take advantage of local libraries and programs from organizations like KC Source Link and Nonprofit Connect. Attend classes so you’re on top of your game and can speak knowledgably about your plans and goals to potential funders and partners.

  • Funding starts at home. Start with asking your immediate network, family and friends before expanding into the larger world with fundraising asks. It will be meaningful once you’re requesting funds from larger foundations and granting organizations to show you have raised significant money on your own.