Organizational Change Through an Inclusive and Equitable Lens

March 23, 2022

Tahir Atwater, Director of Donor and Volunteer Engagement, Jackson County CASA

Listen in as M&C Nonprofit Marketing Talk hosts Tahir Atwater, Director of Donor and Volunteer Engagement at Jackson County CASA. If you’re looking for actionable ideas to make your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives a living, breathing part of your nonprofit culture — you’re in the right place.

Here are Tahir’s main suggestions:

Rethink your “open door” policy. This kind of thinking is passive and still puts most of the obligation to reach out on others. You have to seek out input and ideas. Spend more of your time going to people and actively initiating conversations to get their perspectives.

DEI is not a strategy. Develop a framework with budgets, funding, timelines and objectives to make sure it’s not a “check the box” moment for your organization. If you’re truly serious, create strategies for placing people with lived experience on your board, staff and volunteer teams. Take the time and effort to ensure your plans are more than just talk.

Pay attention to who isn’t in the room. Be conscious of the language used by your organization to describe what you do and seek out feedback from a broader group than your immediate bubble. Widen your circle to better understand how your organization is perceived and how people talk about it.