All roads lead to the mission: keeping messaging & strategy simple and effective

MAY 7, 2018

sherry turner, founder, onekc for women

Sherry Turner is the founder of OneKC for Women, an alliance of four organizations serving the Kansas City region. OneKC for Women empowers women to achieve financial success by providing a road map to financial success through courses, workshops, seminars, one-on-one counseling and mentoring specifically designed for women.


1. Establish a common, agreed upon goal and adhere to it. For OneKC for Women, it is about the financial success and self-sufficiency of women. Each of the four organizations in the alliance keep those they serve top of mind in every interaction and decision.

2. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Avoid overlap and redundancies to ensure maximum impact. Clients, volunteers and donors value collaboration and effective use of resources.

3. Be respectful, intentional and gracious. Keep donors, volunteers and sponsors engaged by respecting their time and effectively communicating across multiple platforms. Stick to traditional ways to express gratitude. Personal thank you notes, calls from staff and board members go a long way.