A Nonprofit Marketing Deep Dive: How To Measure Success

March 23, 2022

Scott Mason, Director of Stewardship and Marketing | Rose Brooks

M&C Nonprofit Marketing Talk sits down with Scott Mason, Director of Stewardship and Marketing at Rose Brooks to discuss redesigning newsletters, messaging challenges and measuring success in this month’s podcast.

Read Scott’s key takeaways from this engaging conversation:

  • Timing is everything. Consider timing when developing an overall communication strategy. This particular focus reminds us to respect our constituent’s email inboxes and mailboxes. By being keenly aware of the audience that is receiving communications, when they are receiving them, and through what channels, you can help increase the success of your appeals and campaigns. Not to mention you will steward those relationships for years to come.

  • Content mapping. When creating a content strategy for any of your communication channels, take the time to develop an exhaustive content map of previous stories and images. Then track the success for the content you use and use this map as a vehicle to create new content OR refresh/update your constituents on stories/programs that performed well in the past. Your content readers will be delighted by the fresh stories and program updates you share!

  • Volunteer committees can provide a whole new perspective. For any organization, large or small, think about recruiting a committee of experts (in a particular field) from the community or board, who can support your work and initiatives. Share with them upcoming campaigns and initiatives and let them help you brainstorm and create!