using social media to build community – people to people

September 24, 2015

People to People International exists to enhance international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural, and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures.

Their vision is that a cross-cultural network of engaged and knowledgeable everyday citizen leaders will be an active force in creating and sustaining a more peaceful world.


The best way I found to recruit through social media was to make connections and build relationships—the same principles that you’d find in fund development with a major donor.

I didn’t just talk about my program, I talked about education, global issues—I joined scheduled conversations about global education—I shared ideas from competitors and positioned myself as a resource.

Social media is an extension of our donor and member relations.


Be ready for change. Just when you think you have a strategy in place, audiences move onto something new or begin to use sites in new ways.

Social media strategy cannot fall on communications alone. You need something to say and share—so, your plan must include buy-in from all departments to be sure your goals are aligned.

Social media users want authentic connections online. They rarely log in to Facebook because they want to buy something. So, stay on top of the trends and share valuable information—not ads.

Know your metrics. Just because you love it and the staff thinks it is great doesn’t mean your audience will. The likes and shares and clicks speak for themselves.

Test Test Test. Often the reason a post gets attention on social media is not the reason we expected. Test your market and take notes—but don’t get too settled … because it will probably change again tomorrow.