Practical Tips to Enhance Your Nonprofit’s Website

July 13, 2021

Mike Pinto, Owner, Zotnip Web Services

Mike Pinto, owner of Zotnip Web Services, has been programming websites for over 20 years. Along with web programming, Mike enjoys composing and performing music, as well as creating video games for mobile and desktop platforms.

Here are his tips for getting the most out of your nonprofit website:

  1. Simple web-building platforms like Wix or Squarespace are great for simple needs, but platforms like WordPress or Druple offer more sophisticated customization options. WordPress is much more than just a blog platform.

  2. Data-driven websites use data that you enter into the backend of a website to display content on the front end. This allows for great consistency in presentation and saves time in building out webpages.

  3. Plug-ins can be either a help or be a headache for your WordPress website, depending on if the developer keeps them updated and bug-free. Check with your developer to see if a custom app might be a better solution.