More Than…

An Inside look at the #MoreThanPink movement that is inspiring action and increasing involvement

July 2, 2019

michael levine, Director of Communications & Marketing
Susan G. Komen, Kansas & Western MissourI

Michael Levine is synonymous with marketing and strategic communications in the Kansas City nonprofit world. He’s served as Director of Development & Public Relations at Village Shalom, the President & CEO of Community Services League and currently serves as Director of Communications & Marketing at Susan G. Komen of Kansas & Western Missouri. He is also the Chairman of the Social Media Club of Kansas City.

Michael and his colleagues at Susan G. Komen recently launched a new brand, new messaging and a whole new take on their signature fundraising event. Through the More Than Pink Walk, they are poised to take the event and the organization to another level with even more momentum in the fight against breast cancer.

Take a listen to hear how the Komen team is enriching their story, elevating awareness and increasing fundraising results with the #MoreThanPink movement and event.

Our favorite takeaways from this podcast conversation:

  • An organization can evolve and also retain elements of their former brand….and still keep dedicated supporters.

  • Learn what it takes for a longstanding, well-known nonprofit organization to keep its messaging fresh and move forward.

  • Why communication is often less about what you have to say than how well you listen.

  • And the best takeaway of all—Michael shares his favorite sources for knowledge and inspiration. Get ready…it’s good!