Looking Ahead: Planning your donor communications for an uncertain 2021

December 11, 2020

Do we dare take a breath and get ready to turn the corner on 2020? In this episode, Merritt and Monica talk about what we learned in this past year — and how to set up your nonprofit communications plan for success in 2021.

Highlights from this conversation:

  • Getting cozy with digital. People relied on digital out of necessity more than ever in 2020. Groceries. Telehealth. Gift giving. How will this affect donors’ comfort levels moving forward? Find out what we think nonprofits can do to capitalize on it.

  • Event planning. Do you plan for in-person events and hope for the best? Stick to virtual forever? We have some ideas to keep you from pulling your hair out.

  • Tips and suggestions. We wrap things up with some tangible ideas for planning your 2021 communications calendar with macro and micro suggestions for riding the waves of this uncharted territory.