Nonprofit Marketing Standouts—Reviewing 2022 & Forecasting 2023

December 21, 2022

merritt neil & monica tiffany, m&c 

Don’t let the year pass before doing a quick review—and thinking about what you’ll prioritize and pay attention to in 2023. Merritt and Monica share a brief rundown of what stood out in nonprofit communications and fundraising this year and what will be important for nonprofits as we look ahead.


  • Transparency Solves A lot of Problems: Creating compelling copy. Connecting strongly with donors. Sharing challenging updates. Transparency solves for so many communications challenges and is always a good practice in all of your nonprofit communications.

  • Treating COVID Year/Years as Anomalies: We saw a lot of organizations trying to use the windfalls from COVID years for baseline budgets and goal setting. Let’s label those years as the outliers that they were and not feel like we’re constantly playing catch up! Evaluate what worked during those months and what didn’t. Decide what you’ll keep doing moving forward and use those learnings to build—not compare.

  • Reevaluating Strategies, Bandwidth, Medium: We practice what we preach. Deciding to retire the podcast and increase blog content was a choice we made based upon the advice we give to our clients and colleagues. We can produce more in less time with the blogs and have more flexibility over format and content. Win-win!

 See you in 2023. Hope you have a lovely and relaxing holiday season.