What Did We Learn? What Now? 5 Lessons From 2021 & 5 Ideas for 2022

December 27, 2021

merritt neil & monica tiffany, m&c 

In this final episode of 2021, Merritt and Monica pinpoint the 5 nonprofit areas of focus that stood out this past year—and look ahead to what nonprofits need to keep top of mind for 2022.

You need to listen to the whole episode to get the full picture! It’s a quick, lively conversation. Here are the basics they touch on:

2021 Learnings

  • Hybrid events were often clunky—how can we fix that?

  • Donor cultivation/retention is more important than ever

  • Importance of scheduling/delegating

  • Unconventional staffing solutions are more prevalent

  • Community-centered fundraising is here to stay

2022 Ideas

  • Invest in technology/platforms to take hybrid/virtual events to higher levels of sophistication to match attendee expectations

  • Plan your extra/new initiatives into an annual schedule

  • How to pull people/organizations into a community-centric model

  • Boundary setting/defining goals/sticking with it

  • Surprise and delight donors