Associations, Memberships and Making the Case During COVID

January 19, 2021

Lyndsey hodges Reichardt
The Oasis national network and afp St. Louis

Lyndsey Reichardt led the St. Louis, MO, AFP Chapter through a tumultuous year of change and uncertainty. In this podcast episode of M&C Nonprofit Marketing Talk, she shares what she learned and how their chapter is moving ahead in 2021.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Embrace Contradiction. You’ll need to make decisions quickly, e.g., go virtual or in person for an upcoming event. But you’ll need to maintain enough flexibility to adapt to new circumstances while sticking to a plan that keeps you on schedule.

  • You Can’t Be All Things to All People. With choices come consequences. No way around it. Remember this when you survey your members or attendees and receive criticism. Take the actionable feedback and use it to improve but know what you can and can’t change.

  • More Than One Road to Success. Give yourself—and your teams—some credit. Looking back on 2020, you may not have accomplished everything the way you’d planned, but chances are you still got everything done you set out to. Extend the same grace and compassion to yourself, your coworkers and
    fellow board members that you would to others. You deserve it.