Building a diverse, strong board

November 1, 2017

KELLY MCCAMBRIDGE, Trial Attorney and Mediator at McCambridge Law LLC/Board Member, CASA of Jackson County

In 2008, Kelly founded McCambridge Law. Since then, she has remained focused on helping women fight for justice and has been recognized by her peers for her success, honesty, and advocacy. In 2010, she received recognition as an Outstanding Community Member, “For improving the position of women in the law and the community” by the Association for Women Law Students, UMKC Division. Kelly and her firm have been recognized with many additional awards since then and she also currently serves on the CASA of Jackson County board of directors.


1.)  Broaden your definition of diversity. Age. Expertise. Geographic area representation. Challenge yourself to really examine what diversity means to your board and the people your organization serves.

2.) Be Strategic. Consider skill sets and networks as well as resources and giving capacity when appointing board members.

3.) Plan for your exit. The best board members are thinking about who will replace them well before they cycle off of their term. Be proactive and help ensure the health of the board long after you’ve left.