Capital Campaign Basics From a Pro

April 20, 2022

Karrie Duke, Director of Development, Center for Developmentally Disabled

We chat with Karrie Duke, Director of Development for Center for Developmentally Disabled about capital campaign fundamentals and her best advice after helping to guide CDD through two separate campaigns.

Here are Karrie’s three main tips:

Do the work upfront. Make sure your board, staff and stakeholders are all engaged and your organization has a definite rollout plan. Conduct a feasibility study to make sure your messaging is on track and resonates with your constituents.

Don’t get discouraged. Progress might be slow but remember it’s a process. Work your plan and allow it to gain momentum.

Celebrate successes. Have a schedule for sharing good news, progress and updates with your community. Capital campaigns can have a long lifespan and you need to keep people committed to reaching that goal.