Working Effectively with Outside Teams

Advice for successful and productive collaborations

October 8, 2020

Jon Hile is the Executive Director of Citizens of the World Charter School in Kansas City. He joins us to talk about why it makes sense to work with outside agencies to help your organization—and how nonprofits can ensure they get the most benefit from the experience.


  • Outside teams can provide perspective and help your organization focus on the bigger picture. Look to them to give an accurate and honest assessment of your strengths and where you can improve.

  • The best agencies and consultants bring their diversity of experience—and the things they’ve learned from that experience—to the table on your project. Look for agencies that don’t have a “one size fits all” approach.

  • Good relationships are built on clarity of expectations from the organization, honesty and “friendly feedback” from the consultants. Put the work in upfront to define expectations, priorities and deliverables.