The Power to Impact Change

December 19, 2019

Jessica Hembree, PRINCIPAL, platform civic strategies

Jessica Hembree has spent more than two decades in public policy. She founded Platform Civic Strategies in 2018 to support nonprofits as they work to use policy and civic engagement to create lasting change.

Prior to this, she worked as the Program and Policy Officer for Health Forward Foundation, an organization committed to tackling the most pressing health issues facing the communities they serve.

Jessica holds a master’s degree in domestic politics & health policy from Princeton University and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Kansas State University.

Our favorite takeaways from this podcast conversation:

  • Nonprofits have significant power to not only provide direct services, but also effect meaningful systemic changes. This gives voice to those who are underrepresented within the political process.

  • Policy changes don’t always have to be dramatic or sweeping to make an incredible impact. Nonprofits can see policy gaps and help right them.

  • Many nonprofits feel intimidated by the legislative environment and the rules/formalities. Don’t be. Remember how much you know, most certainly MORE than legislators! You will learn the ropes fast. Just be part of the process.