Grant Writing Time Savers & Building Relationships with Funders

January 19, 2022

Jenny Horsley, Executive Director, Reach Out & Read Kansas City

We sat down with Jenny Horsley, Executive Director of Reach Out & Read Kansas City to kick off the 2022 podcast season. Listen in as Jenny shares her suggestions for saving time on grant writing and how to have meaningful conversations with funders.

Here are her main pieces of advice:

  • Get organized. Have a process in place so everyone who needs to know is clear on what everyone else is doing. List the grants you have applied to, when the application went in, and when you should hear back from the funder. Send yourself an email reminder to follow up on funding or to remind yourself to do a grant report. You have to hit your application deadlines and grant reporting deadlines.

  • Document. Make sure you document your conversations with your funders. This can be in a notebook or in a database system or on an excel sheet. Know what is expected and what you have already asked or not asked about.

  • Connect. Talk with your funders… not just when applications or reports are due. Ask them to visit your program so they can see it in-person. Get their feedback when applicable—on programing, events, etc. Keep them connected and wanting to know more.