Meeting people where they are and staying relevant

December 10, 2018

drew elliott, kcpt

Drew is the Director of Membership and Donor Engagement at KCPT & a Past Chair of YNPNkc.


  • Stay relevant. In an ever-changing world, adapting to your audience and understanding how they consume information is a must.

  • Information vs. intelligence. To effectively move forward, it’s not enough for nonprofits to simply track and measure success. They have to put the knowledge they glean from data analysis to good use.

  • Evolution is a must. Will the membership model of giving still be relevant 10 years from now? Emphasizing philanthropic giving as a whole is an emerging trend, yet it is still important to strike a balance with loyal and committed members.

  • Get involved. YNPNkc is a great resource for young nonprofit professionals seeking networking and professional development, while striving to make nonprofits and KC better.

  • 2019 projections… Drew shares his thoughts about the new tax laws and their impact on charitable giving, as well as the impact of ever-changing donor expectations.