creating Organic and Meaningful Connections Through Mentoring

January 21, 2019

diane marty, principal, faire consulting and mentor, Afpkc

Diane has spent over 20 years in fundraising, working for various nonprofit organizations in higher education, arts & culture, and social services and currently through her own firm, Faire Consulting. Diane serves as an adjunct professor at Rockhurst University and is actively involved with the local chapter of American Fundraising Professionals (AFPKC) and their mentoring program.


  • Find your tribe. Identify someone in your profession you admire and respect. Ask for their advice. Seek out professional organizations, like AFP, for networking and mentoring.

  • Mentoring benefits both mentors and mentees. As a mentor, it makes you up your game and actively live the advice you’re giving. As a mentee, it offers a great chance to learn, get objective feedback and share knowledge with mentors too.

  • Make mentoring & networking a priority. Don’t turn down the opportunity to attend networking events and programs, or to meet one-on-one with colleagues. Professional associations, like AFP, make it easy to connect and engage, either formally through a mentor program, or informally at events.

  • The best mentor relationships…

    • …have two-way dialogue.

    • …are a good fit for both parties.

    • …have parameters.

    • …are flexible.

    • …will continually feed you, so long as the right amounts of time and energy are applied.

  • Marketing a mentor program requires more than communicating logistics and requirements. Mentor programs need to “sell” what happens within them. It’s not all about meeting set requirements for participation. It’s about fostering “in the moment” connections.

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