Nonprofit Strategic Planning and Governance

A behind-the-scenes look from a 20-year veteran in the nonprofit industry

September 10, 2019

debra box, Owner, In The Box consulting and former President & CEO of Support kansas city

For nearly 20 years, Debra Box led the Support Kansas City team. Support KC, a nonprofit organization and consultant firm, offers back-end office services and strategic planning for Kansas City based nonprofits. During her tenure, the organization experienced tremendous growth of both clients and services offered. Debra’s experience leading Support KC, combined with her previous work at Saint Luke’s Hospital Foundation and Joshua Child & Family Development Center, gives her a unique perspective to assess the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

Today, Debra is applying her vast experience and skills to power In The Box Consulting, assisting nonprofit organizations with strategic planning and governance.

In this episode of M&C Nonprofit Marketing Talk, Debra shares her vantage point from working behind the scenes to ensure mission fulfillment and business efficiency, all while leading a nonprofit organization.

Our favorite takeaways from this podcast conversation:

  • It’s a planning process. Not just a plan.

  • Clarity of mission, what does it cost and how does it impact those you serve? These are key questions staff at all levels must understand when conveying to donors how their investment makes a difference.

  • Have a third-party hold you accountable for results. It is critical for success.

  • Elevating collective impact, focusing on diversity, expanding awareness and addressing unconscious bias are a few of the top trends and challenges worthy of time and attention.

  • Debra shares her top piece of advice for employees new to the sector (and for employers who want to retain them.)