the power of storytelling

February 11, 2020

david wayne reed
artist services program specialist | mid-america arts alliance

David Wayne Reed is known throughout Kansas City and beyond as a gifted actor and filmmaker. He’s received many accolades for his work, including his storytelling series, Shelf Life.

David is also known for his work at the Mid-America Arts Alliance as their Artist Services Program Specialist. He was recently appointed as Municipal Arts Commissioner for the City of Kansas City, Missouri.

In this episode of M&C Nonprofit Marketing Talk, David shares what makes a compelling story and offers recommendations for using stories to further the missions of nonprofit organizations.


  • Storytelling is a critical part of any nonprofit, its mission and its fundraising and engagement initiatives.

  • Storytelling is an invitation to connection, empathy and compassion.  

  • Elevate the populations you serve in meaningful ways. Share the stage with them, pass them the microphone and put them on your boards.