What’s on the Minds of the Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders?

December 2, 2022

We chat with Dane Sosniecki, Grants Specialist at Cornerstones of Care and Board Chair of Connext: Emerging Nonprofit Leaders, to find out how the next generation of nonprofit leaders will shape the sector. 

Here are the highlights of our conversation with Dane:

  • Board service for emerging professionals—like serving on the Connext board—is an excellent way for those earlier in their careers to develop new leadership skills and grow their professional networks. It allows them to hone new skills they may not be developing in their current positions and leverage them when applying to their next one.

  • Younger generations, like Millennials, may not yet have the wealth their parents had at their age due to student loan debt and cost of living increases, but that has not prevented them from remaining philanthropically engaged. Millennial giving trends tend to be influenced by their peers, social media “influencers,” or personal connections with nonprofits they know. They are more likely to donate online through web pages, social media, and texting. They are also more likely to leverage their birthdays and racing events to raise money for their preferred charities through peer-to-peer fundraising and make recurring monthly donations.

  • Any fundraising or marketing strategy seeking to tap into younger generations must be centered around transparency and should include a consistent and mobile-friendly online and social media presence that provides compelling photos and short, candid videos of your clients or the impact of your work/their donation. Doing so will help capture the attention of fast-scrolling Millennials and inspire them to donate or get involved.