seize the moment and be bold

how the good samaritan project embarked on a new brand and a new location

March 6, 2019

Caroline huffman, cEO & brian williams, Director of Development
Good samaritan project

Serving as the Chief Executive Officer since 2017, Caroline Huffman has led Good Samaritan Project (GSP) through many exciting initiatives, including relocating, re-branding, organizational growth and celebrating GSP’s 35th anniversary.

Brian Williams is the Director of Development and also oversees volunteer services and marketing at GSP. Brian has been instrumental in building community partnerships and reaching different age groups, largely through innovative ideas like their FLAVOR! events.

GSP is currently going through a rebranding process and just relocated to a new building. On April 11, 2019 they revealed their new brand and announced their new name, Thrive Health KC. Learn more


  • Hire a consultant. Ensure you hire someone who thoroughly understands the organization and its needs—who will be direct and not afraid to speak up if you’re veering off course.

  • Engage key stakeholders. It is critical to engage community partners, volunteers and donors in the process. Seek their feedback individually and also through focus groups and surveys. You may be investing your energy in worrying about the wrong things and holding onto anticipated pushback that doesn’t really exist.

  • Do your due diligence. Seek outside support, like the GSP team did with a commercial real-estate expert, to ensure they were strategic in selecting their new location. They knew they had found a winning location when they found a building that put them in the epicenter of those most impacted by HIV in Kansas City.

  • Don’t be afraid to be bold.