Advocacy and marketing around controversial and potentially polarizing issues.

March 22, 2017

BONYEN LEE-GILMORE, Director of Communications and Marketing at Planned Parenthood Great Plains

Bonyen handles media messaging, strategic communications, and marketing campaigns for Planned Parenthood Great Plains, a four state affiliate covering Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. She leads a team that combats shame and stigma surrounding sexual and reproductive health care by telling patient stories and sharing medically accurate information through social media, digital campaigns, and media communications with external audiences. Her background is in broadcast journalism with more than 10 years of experience on camera, producing stories, and writing web content.


Give people an action to take. You’ll get better results and more engagement than if you just ask them to follow you or donate.

Create community. In both the digital space and physical space, give your supporters opportunities to get to know one another and band together in meaningful ways.

Develop shareable content. Keep in mind that content with visual interest gets more attention and more shares. Add images to tweets. Use video on Facebook. It gives donors, volunteers and advocates a more intimate and personal view of your organization.