New trends in nonprofit marketing

January 11, 2016

Listen in as M&C founder Bob Merrigan discusses the latest trends in direct marketing and fundraising for nonprofits. It’s not all mail anymore … but it’s not all digital either!

Bob also shares a preview of the original research in nonprofit fundraising trends being done by M&C. Big news you won’t want to miss.


Social media for nonprofits is almost like lead generation. You can use Facebook advertising and retargeting to get people to raise their hand and indicate interest, but that interest has to be cultivated into more of a commitment to your mission before it translates into revenue.

I see one of the biggest trends in 2016 being more targeting. Donors come because some specific part of your mission speaks to them—organizations need to be able to respond to that interest.


If people reach out to you through email, it makes no sense to have traditional direct mail be the only way you respond to them and engage. Let your donor guide the medium for your relationship.

Giving Tuesday can be an effective form of engagement, but it requires an investment—can’t just be a one-off.

Develop guidelines for letting go of donors as well as acquiring them. How long can you wait? How much can you afford to invest?