Adapting Marketing Strategies During Times of Change

June 10, 2021

Stephanie SHeldon & Abigail McCubbin

Stephanie Sheldon, Director of Marketing, Cornerstones of Care and Abigail McCubbin, Digital Media Specialist, Cornerstones of Care share a fascinating case study from their organization in this month’s M&C Nonprofit Marketing Talk podcast.

Here are some of their ideas for Adapting Marketing Strategies During Times of Sudden Change:

  • Work smarter not harder. When creating digital content for your audience, repurpose content you have already created, whether it be a blog, PowerPoint or one-pager. This not only saves you time, but maximizes the value of work that has already been done.

  • Digital mediums are stepping stones to making personal connections. During COVID-19, making connections became more challenging but remained vital to the work we do. By embracing technology and creating a digital space, we were able to expand to reach new audiences, and so can you!

  • New doesn’t mean scary. Adapting to change is hard, and adapting to sudden change is even harder. But without adaptation and trying new strategies during times of change, you can’t innovate. Sometimes you try something new and it’s a massive success, and other times it may be ‘meh’, but you won’t know what is successful until you try.