Our Team

Honey Neil

VP of Employee Morale/Very Good Girl

Honey left the country life and the family business of goat herding to chase her dreams of being a big city girl with a desk job. Since joining the team at M&C she has exponentially raised the cute factor in the office and boosted everyone’s mood on the days she’s not working from home.

When not in the office, Honey likes to pretend she’s the alpha among her feline brothers Murphy, Hombre and The Dude, workout in her new fenced-in yard and daydream about her best friend Angela. Honey has plans to help M&C expand our client roster with all the networking she’ll be doing at doggy day care this year, and she’s currently training for Wayside Waifs Strutt With Your Mutt 5k.

Honey is the only employee at M&C with her own catch phrase — Honey Wunny, sweet and funny! — and the only team member allowed to lick her coworkers and wander around inspecting trash cans with her nose.