Our Team

Danielle Pinto

Website Developer

Danielle is a web developer with over 20 years of experience. Her primary
focus is on helping nonprofit organizations achieve their online and
technology goals.

With a tech stack that includes C++, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, C#, WordPress,
Drupal, and back-end Linux based server setups, Danielle is well positioned
to help organizations take control of their technology and offer solutions and
tools to get the job done.

Danielle believes in a human-centric approach to technology. She listens to
the needs of an organization and finds tech solutions that make sense for the
people who will be using the tools and for the users who need a clear and
easy way of obtaining the (oftentimes critical) information provided by non
profit organizations.

Her approach is to make sure that the technology contributes to the
message and goals of an organization without getting in the way.
In her free time, Danielle volunteers helping nonprofit animal organizations
fix and maintain their web presence.