Working From Home Ideas for a “Frictionless” Morning

by | Sep 29, 2022

Productive Mornings Begin With Intention

In this sort-of-not-really-post-COVID-wait-what’s-monkeypox world, more than half of U.S. workers still work from home. What began as a temporary arrangement for many has become a permanent routine as remote work becomes more prolific.

For those of us who learned what a workday “should” look like working in an office, we find ourselves mapping a new path to success. In this ongoing series, we’ll share our favorite work-from-home tips. Today, it’s all about how you start your workday.

Don’t Get Caught Playing Catch-up

The way you begin your morning sets the tone of the entire day. If you’re scrambling from the start, it will only get tougher. But when you commit to a morning routine, you eliminate distractions, variables, frustrations … in a word, friction. Be intentional from the jump, and you should benefit all day long.

Design Your Own ‘Frictionless Morning’

We love the idea of a “frictionless morning.” Many of us strive to reach a state of flow in our work. If that’s you, make it as easy as possible to get there. Energy, clarity and focus are key—and a stress-free morning is the most direct path to achieving each.

Strategies to create your own “frictionless morning”:

  • The day before, make a list of no more than three to five tasks to complete. 

  • Wake up at the same time every day. It doesn’t matter how (alarm clock versus naturally). Just be consistent—shoot for the same half-hour window.

  • Prep your breakfast and have your coffee pot ready to go with the flip of a switch.

  • Schedule an early activity that will put you in a good headspace. Try taking a walk or working out, reading a few pages of a good book, listening to a podcast or scanning a favorite newsletter (Gretchen Rubin is an excellent source for tips on happiness and good habits).

  • For writers especially, Morning Pages are a fantastic way to clear your mind for better focus throughout the day.

  • Again, for writers, or anyone else whose work requires deep focus, block off time early in your day for specific projects. Don’t check your email or schedule meetings and calls during that time unless you absolutely must.  

 Most important, remember that things will happen. If your routine gets thrown off one day, don’t let that keep you from getting back to it the next. No one’s perfect, but consistency is powerful. Over time, the results will show.

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