Work Smarter—Repurpose Your Marketing & Fundraising Content

by | Mar 15, 2023

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed at the onset of a project you should be EXCITED about. If you’re not already repurposing your content, consider giving it a go. It’s the gold standard for working smarter.

How and Why to Repurpose Your Content

At the outset of a project, designate a lead writer to produce a foundational piece of copy that will inform everything to follow. For instance:

  • A direct mail appeal

  • Key web pages

  • Main talking points

Distribute that initial piece among team members for them to reference while producing subsequent material. Map out a content calendar based on your communications plan and delegate subsequent pieces, if possible, e.g., press releases, social posts, emails.

In addition to spreading the responsibility, repurposing content brings more order and quality control to the process. Rather than different team members starting from scratch to complete an assigned task, they’ll be working from the same base copy, helping to:

  • Communicate a consistent but fresh message

  • More easily expand reach and engage different audiences

  • Maintain the desired publishing frequency

We know not everyone has a “team.” But even if you are the only one on the team, repurposing content is still a major time-saver and smarter way to complete projects.

Examples of Repurposing Content

This is about much more than copying and pasting. Think about which channels best serve your needs and make sure the copy is tailored to each one. For example:

  • Adapt a direct mail letter to become a flyer or email

  • Pair key talking points with powerful CTAs to create social cards

  • Design easy-to-scan infographics based on survey or report findings to share on social media, your website or in an email 

Once you commit to the practice, you’ll start to realize more ways to repurpose your content. And it doesn’t just have to be for specific campaigns. It’s a fantastic way to get maximum mileage out of evergreen content, too—summarize a whitepaper for a short blog, use quotes or excerpts from a podcast to create social media posts, and so on.

Not only will repurposing your content cut down on time and effort, but with a little planning up front, it will amplify your message and meet audiences in new places.

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