Why ChatGPT Is Bad for SEO

by | Jun 16, 2023

Because I co-own a marketing agency, I frequently get asked what I think of artificial intelligence (AI), specifically ChatGPT.

Truth be told, I’m still mulling over the pros and cons of AI. What it means for my work, for the world…for humanity! 

But this I know for sure. It’s not good for SEO.

Google rankings are computed by a proprietary algorithm designed to deliver value to the user by serving up unique content to meet a specific need. Higher preference is given to original, relevant copy—copy not duplicated elsewhere on the web.

The problem with ChatGPT is it’s just not unique content.

I’ve tested it in many different ways, using different organizations, different prompts…and what ChatGPT delivers are duplicated (and, frankly, disappointing) phrases, no matter what organization is entered.

I’m not saying ChatGPT is all bad. I can see some applications, but for now, proceed with caution. Using it to improve your search rankings is risky at best and ultimately ineffective.

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