What Apple’s New Privacy Policy Means for Nonprofits

by | Jul 1, 2021

You may have heard by now that Apple is rolling out a new privacy policy in September. This means Apple users will receive a notification when an app is wanting to collect information about their browsing habits.

Here is the commercial if you haven’t seen it yet. 

How does this impact nonprofit organizations?

This may limit personalized advertising on social media for iPhone users (think Facebook advertising). As it stands, Facebook will give preference to accounts that pay to play and this particularly, may limit organic reach. Nonprofits could see a dip in post reach and possibly a corresponding shortfall in donations.

But it doesn’t only affect personalized ad targeting. 

Apple’s privacy policy prevents third parties from knowing when an email is opened with any email user using Apple Mail — including iPhones and desktop computers.

This means open rates may become even less reliable as an indicator of engagement, which means nonprofits will have to focus more on click rates or other actions taken by subscribers.

Quick note: An open rate is the percentage of subscribers who have opened an email. 

This is good news. 

Open rates are only part of the overall performance picture because they don’t indicate whether an email is successful or not. Some browsers automatically download graphics which can give a “false positive” as an open. In any instance, just because subscribers opened your email, doesn’t mean they did anything with the content.

Now emails will need to be more engaging to get subscribers to not only open the email but to take action like clicking on links or making donations. 

What do nonprofits need to do?

  • Refresh email copy and content

  • Hone your organization’s email list and create segmented audiences

  • Ask your subscribers to update their profiles and preferences

  • Advanced mode: try a new approach with A/B testing, especially with subject lines

Want to get into the nitty-gritty? We recommend reading Apple’s new email privacy: What you need to know by Really Good Emails.

More information is coming down the pike and we are on top of it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or need the help of professional email marketers, contact us.

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