The Forgotten Year-End Fundraising Checklist

by | Sep 22, 2021

It’s nearly October. If you’re like most fundraisers, you have year-end campaigns on the brain. Maybe you’re dusting off your schedules and checklists. Here’s a handful of other things to double-check that might not have made your lists:

  • Confirm your budgets—Postal rates increased as much as 10% this year for nonprofits. Make sure your projections reflect current estimates and not just last year’s actual costs.

  • Ensure tracking is in place—Are your links in emails properly coded? Is Google Analytics transmitting tracking as expected? Is the coding on your direct mail right? These little details will be important for all your campaign monitoring decisions moving forward.

  • Catch all the updates needed—Old copy and dates come in places that are easy to overlook, like autoresponders and content on multi-step donation forms. Be sure to quality control check the ENTIRE process to put your mind at ease.  

  • Implement periodic campaign checks—Don’t just “set it and forget it.” As the campaign gets underway, make sure dollars are rolling in as expected and all parts are operational. And make a plan for monitoring email and voice mails from donors, especially during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. If big gifts come in, have a plan to thank those donors immediately (even if you are on vacation).

  • Get ready for 2022—Jan 1 will be here in a flash. Are your copyright dates at the bottom of your website updated? What else needs to change on the first day of the year? Also, be prepared to issue tax receipts because donors will start asking for them on day 1 of 2022.

Planning ahead makes a world of difference—and your holidays more enjoyable. Here’s to a great 2021 fundraising year-end season!

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