Subtle Positioning Pays Off

by | Mar 18, 2019

It’s a real challenge. Finding just the right words when friends and family are experiencing hard times. Too much sounds patronizing. Too little sounds impersonal.

Hallmark knows this challenge of course … and apparently, so does CVS.

I found this point of purchase brilliance in the card aisle at CVS, the very place someone would be grappling with the right way to communicate love and support. These “tip sheets” give sound ideas for navigating these turbulent waters.

And here’s the thing: they are ACTUALLY HELPFUL. The tips are realistic, practical and address a variety of common (and heartbreaking) scenarios.

This is a great example of marketing done well … underscoring the brand and strengthening the relationship with the consumer.

Right place. Right time. Right message. Right on, Hallmark and CVS.

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