Standout Year End Strategies that Still Work

by | Jan 25, 2024

Being someone who develops nonprofit communications, it’s interesting to sit on the other side of the table … to be the recipient of appeals. My mailbox runneth over in December. Here’s what stood out for me and compelled me to take action.

  1. Personal touches. A little note of thanks, my name written instead of a lasered salutation, a “nice to see you last month” … Anything that made me feel less like a wallet and more like a friend went a long way.
  2. Edging up. Many nonprofits asked for a little bit more this year — but most importantly they told me “why.” In most cases, I obliged.
  3. Staying in touch. In some cases, I didn’t receive a year-end appeal at all. But what I did see throughout the year were updates on the work they were doing. They stayed top of mind for me, and I visited their website on December 31 to make a gift. Never underestimate the importance of your communications every month of the year, not just December. It matters.


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