Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

by | Jan 14, 2021

Does your organization use social media to connect with donors? It can feel like “one more thing you need to do” if you don’t have a plan. Start simple and focus your energy and time where most of your people already hang out.

Here are some basics—plus a little-known secret shared by social media managers—to get you started:

  • Create and adhere to a social media policy so everyone is operating from the same page—and you can manage your content from a strong footing

  • Engage with people—resist the urge to use these channels as “press release cannons” for your events and other news

  • Maintain a consistent presence so you’re in front of constituents regularly and authentically—not just when you’re launching a campaign

  • Retweet and repost other reliable sources to make your pages resources people find valuable and shareable

Finally, a little-known secret of social media managers is how much “real life” contact and behind-the-scenes work it takes to build your network.

For nonprofits, this provides yet another excellent opportunity to engage with your donors. Also, a great way to reward monthly donors or other high-value giving groups.

Set up a VIP group of people who will commit to:

Sharing your content
Providing you with ideas
Tweeting/posting from your events
Creating original content about your nonprofit to share

Need help getting started? Contact the M&C team today.

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