Refill the Well

by | Aug 28, 2023


You know the feeling. Wrung out. Crispy. You need a little refresh.

I have my daily and weekly go-tos to stop creative crash and burn before it even starts. And don’t you love it when people share this stuff? The thoughtfully curated list is my favorite (credit and respect to Austin Kleon).

In no particular order, here are some of mine.

A no-nonsense hardass with the science and experience to back up every bit of tough love she dishes out. The best Monday morning read to get your head right and start moving and grooving.

Austin Kleon—10 Things I Think Are Worth Sharing
My Sunday morning read. Music, movies, criticism, comics, poets, art, food, family—all of it. He reads and experiences huge swaths of amazing stuff and pulls together the best in this brief weekly list. I recommend him constantly on this blog and will continue to do so.

Marc Maron—WTF Podcast, Insta
My Marc Maron crush continues loudly and proudly. His podcast is the Godfather of podcasts and his Insta is cats, prickly, intimate and modern art. Too close?

Patti Smith—Insta
Photos. Poems. Music. Activism. Books. Marc Maron interviewed her on his podcast and it’s a conversation I haven’t stopped thinking about since I heard it.

So, what are you into these days? We’ll post this on LinkedIn and start a conversation soon.

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