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by | Apr 19, 2023

Readers betray themselves.

I can always tell who the readers are when I interview copywriters or work with marketing and development teams. Immersing yourself in different types of writing keeps your own work from getting stale and deepens the quality of the copy you turn out. It’s a tasty kind of magic that isn’t as easy as 1+1=2, but you know it when you see it.

Here are some ways being an observant and conscious reader can help your writing.

Read Fiction To:

  • Experiment with language

  • Get braver with bending grammatical rules, story construction, pacing and sentence length

  • Glean methods for guiding your readers, building momentum and holding their interest

Read Poetry To:

  • Exercise your brevity and editing muscles

  • Get comfortable with distilling descriptions and details down to their essence

  • Notice and appreciate evocative language that packs a punch

  • Experience unusual or arresting language that makes details stick and readers remember

Read Outside Your Comfort Zone To:

  • Challenge yourself and stay fresh

  • Learn new techniques, find new authors and vocabulary

  • Stay sharp—read graphic novels, comics, articles and essays about subjects you aren’t familiar with to avoid getting too cozy and echo chamber-y with your reading

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