M&C Doggos & Cattos—Minerva (Minnie)

by | Dec 18, 2023

Minerva is a singular and unique calico lady. Simultaneously aloof and snuggly, life is lived on her terms and she is not shy about letting you know she wants to be alone…she wants to play…she would like dinner…really, whatever she wants whenever she wants it. Get to know this fuzzy collection of quirks.

Minverva—Owned by Monica Tiffany

Loves: Her mom! They both live with me and Minnie is, and will always be, a mama’s girl. Also, her catnip banana, teabag and mouse. She loves to help make the bed, lounge in fresh laundry and hang out in the very top of the cat tower. Minnie also likes to eat and drink with her feet and LOVES being brushed. When repairmen or maintenance guys are at the house, she is the official assistant.

Dislikes: The pet sitter (who is the sweetest person alive—this is a mystery), other cats and creatures that dare enter the yard, the vet, any food that is not seafood.

Minnie’s Thing: Minnie is super specific. When she wants to play she’ll get her toys and let you know she wants to play. There are certain spots in the house where she likes to go for cuddles and she will come and get you and lead you to them for snuggles. When she’s done playing or cuddling, she’ll leave. She’s been this way since she was a kitten and it’s hilarious.

Adoption Story: The cat I had before I got Minnie and her mom passed away much too young from an aggressive form of cancer. I wanted some sweetness and humor after that. I found the girls online at the KS Humane Society and went through a long adoption process with their wonderful foster mom who loved them. It took Minnie a while to warm up, but now she’s my BFF.

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