M&C Doggos & Cattos—GUS

by | Sep 20, 2023

Here he is. The toast of the town. The cool guy who is going to be in his people’s wedding next month. Meet Kyla’s big boy.

Gus (Owned by Kyla Rank)

Loves: Blueberries, carrots, French fries, tummy scratches, people and animals, road trips, going to the vet.

Dislikes: Pedicures, rain, being woken up from his naps.

Gus’s Thing: Gus is a people pleaser and wants to make his humans happy. We rescued him shortly after my dad passed and he has helped us get through the lows. Even at 100 pounds, he gives the most comforting snuggles while being the best listener. He is so, so loved!

Adoption Story: Gus was being fostered by Bob’s neighbor and while Merritt was over at his house, she saw Gus playing in the backyard. My phone was bombarded with sweet puppy pictures and we instantly fell in love with Gus. We did a foster to adopt program through KC Critter House and he was officially ours a few weeks later. We fall in love with him more every day…he’s our ‘little dude’.

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