Look for the helpers.

by | Mar 19, 2020

During times of uncertainty, it helps to find hope in places big and small. We’ve been observing the many helpers in our community this week. From providing direct services to those impacted, to offering hope and inspiration, we are grateful to these nonprofit organizations for their stellar messaging and fundraising efforts.

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities KC mobilized quickly to adjust messaging to volunteers, donors and families. Their succinct and direct messaging concluded by saying, “Supplying our families with meals is critical. And with your support, our work will go on.”

  • Harvesters took to Twitter to let people know how they can help. The first line is powerful—”During these times of uncertainty, we are certain about one thing: your support makes a difference.”

  • Children’s Mercy Hospital is sharing frequent tips to address questions, offer recommendations to talk to your children about what is occurring and letting volunteers and donors know the best way to proceed.

  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art has been inspiring us with their #MuseumFromHome posts. They’re a bright spot for all of us.

  • The Kansas City Zoo launched a 24/7 penguin camera and is committed to bringing the #ZootoYou through social media. #ClosedButStillCaring is one of our favorites from this week.

Thanks to all local nonprofits, businesses, restaurants, and most importantly those responding on the front lines of COVID-19. You make us proud to call Kansas City home.

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