I Gave!

by | Oct 29, 2019

Thoughtful, well-executed, strategic and visually appealing…I wouldn’t expect anything less from a campaign created by Mizzou.

Some months ago, their giving strategy caught my eye because it hit each of these marks flawlessly. Since then, I’ve kept an eye out for a rival to Mizzou’s Giving Day campaign, but nothing else compared.

Held annually in March, Mizzou does its due diligence to ramp up the energy for its campaign well in advance. This multi-channel initiative includes social media posts, emails, website promotion and mailings well in advance of their Giving Day, as well as throughout the day. The end result is that they increased awareness, generated excitement and raised money.  

Though, their stewardship is what brought it all home.

Here is what made it unique:

  • My donation was acknowledged immediately with a digital acknowledgment that was branded accordingly to the campaign. No generic autoresponders here.

  • On the same day, they sent a second digital acknowledgment. It included this digital card, which linked to a video from a student thanking me for my support.  It also included a social media image to share and the appropriate hashtag info.

  • Once I tweeted, both the Mizzou Alumni Association and their Executive Director thanked me for my support. They did this for everyone that made a social media post about Mizzou Giving Day.

  • I also received a letter in the mail, hand-signed by the ED. This organization has 40,000 alumni members. If even a fraction of them contributed, it is still a significant number of letters to hand-sign.

They thought of this campaign from every angle and executed each stage perfectly. Plus, they accompanied it with frequent updates on their progress throughout the day to illustrate impact and transparency. Upon the conclusion of the campaign, they sent an email sharing final results and thanking donors again.

Well done, Mizzou. Well done.

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