Don’t Sell Your Sponsors Short

by | Dec 16, 2022

Many companies are eager to choose a nonprofit to get behind, but that doesn’t mean snagging a sponsor is easy. There are plenty of organizations vying for attention. If you want to stand apart, think like a potential sponsor.  

Sure, they want to support your mission, but sponsors are also looking for something in return. Make that something meaningful. Here are a few ideas to help you build your next sponsorship package.

Raise Community Profile

Most of your potential sponsors believe in the power of community, and they’ll want to be active in yours. Don’t simply introduce them to your audience. Explain why you’re proud to partner with them.

  • Sponsorship idea: Offer your sponsors pride of place on your social media or blog. There are a lot of options here — consider sharing a brief video or a written feature explaining how your sponsor adds value to your shared community.

VIP Networking   

The opportunity to grow one’s network is a powerful incentive. It’s likely that your sponsors are interested in engaging fellow supporters and community leaders. And you’re in the perfect position to help.

  • Sponsorship idea: Host an exclusive cocktail hour for VIP sponsors to network with one another. Or, perhaps, invite one of your sponsors to host the event, allowing them to showcase their business.

Create a Tailor-Made Experience

Don’t forget to throw a memorable event — or to ask your sponsors for help. Consider developing tailor-made sponsorship opportunities that allow your partners to show off, while also elevating the experience for all.

  • Sponsorship idea: Play to your sponsors’ strengths. Invite a creative vendor to design a swanky lounge area. Develop a Wi-Fi sponsorship for a tech firm. Ask a food or beverage vendor to create a signature drink.

So, what’s the underlying theme? Create real value by always considering what is worthwhile for potential sponsors. Resist the urge to think companies and partners are just waiting for you to come knocking. But do knock on their doors with thoughtful, value-driven opportunities to grow their client base, network or reputation and get ready to sign contracts.

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