Creating Engaging Playlists & About Sections on YouTube

by | Aug 11, 2020

This is the fourth and final installation of our YouTube series, where we discuss the why and how of YouTube. This series if for YOU if you don’t have a channel or are just looking for ways to get more out of YouTube.


A playlist is an ordered list of videos that you create, often with a specific theme. If you have multiple videos with a similar theme, group them together for easier viewing. 

When someone is watching a video in a playlist, instead of suggesting a different channel’s video to watch next, YouTube will automatically start playing the next video in your series.

So why create a playlist you ask? You want to:

  • Keep your viewers going down the rabbit hole (in a good way … it’s YOUR rabbit hole!).

  • Increase watch time.

  • Guide viewers on what videos they should watch next, making a more satisfying viewer experience.

Your playlists may appear in search results and suggested videos so make sure you title your playlists the same way you title your videos—concise and descriptive.

How to create a YouTube playlist:

  1. Go to the video you want in the playlist.

  2. Click Save and Create a new playlist then enter the playlist name (this can be edited later).

  3. Select the privacy setting on the playlist. Choosing Private only allows you to see the playlist and Unlisted will ensure only those with the link will see the playlist.

  4. Click Create.

Here are a few examples of channels using playlists to organize their videos for the viewers:

About Section

A lot of YouTube channels neglect the About section of their YouTube channel which means they could be missing out on new subscribers and views. 

This is not a secret by any means, but the first line of a channel’s About section shows up in multiple places on YouTube. This is your chance to “pitch” or entice people to visit your channel. 

In the first two lines, describe your channel using your keywords we discussed when writing smart video descriptions. Then give more detail about your organization or channel. 

Things to include in your channel’s About section:

  • 1-2 lines “pitching” your channel with keywords

  • A brief description of your organization or channel

  • Your organization’s mission

  • Links to your website

  • Donation link 

  • Email signup

If you’ve read all of this and you’re still feeling overwhelmed, no worries—we’re here to help! Send us an email or call 816-444-7500. 

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