Continuing to Speak About COVID-19

by | Apr 28, 2021

As much as we may feel like we’re over the pandemic, it’s not over with us quite yet. But we can’t keep talking about it in our donor communications the same way we did last year, or even a few months ago before vaccinations got rolling.

Here are a few ideas for refreshing your copy as we ride out the next few months:

  • Share evidence of how your organization changed course and what worked, i.e., how your preparedness and the donor’s generosity saved the day—be as specific and proactive as you can.

  • Can you share examples of creativity and new ideas generated as a response to the pandemic? Showcase your ingenuity and resilience to build donor confidence and optimism.

  • Ease up on the “extraordinary” and “unprecedented” language; focus on how you’re moving forward and facing this moment with the help of your donors—can you share any plans in the works for navigating the next quarter and the one after that?

  • Praise your donors’ flexibility and loyalty; consider donors who had to stop or decrease their giving; how can they still be involved—how will you keep them engaged?

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