Connecting the Dots

by | Jan 31, 2019

We’ve all been there—applying for new positions in the hopes of making a much-needed career change. It requires significant time and energy, especially if done effectively. Along the way, it is tempting to cut corners. After all, what is the harm in sending out a few generic resumes and cover letters?

As it turns out, it’s about as effective as not applying in the first place.

Take the example of a professional who applies for a job in a completely different field, yet has a resume and digital presence geared solely toward their current profession. The applicant doesn’t offer any narrative to explain how their qualifications or transferable skills apply to the new position.

So, what’s a job seeker to do? Use your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to your advantage. Even if your current position is in a completely different field, you can effectively convey why you’re applying and how your skills transfer to the new position. If you’re applying for a job that requires creativity and ingenuity, let your abilities shine through in your application & online presence.

It’s up to you to connect the dots between your current profession and the new career you’re seeking. Don’t leave a prospective employer wondering how your experience & knowledge qualify you for a role in a completely different field. They won’t wonder for long. They’ll move on to the next applicant.

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