3 Ideas for a Standout Thank You Letter

by | Dec 13, 2019

I recently made a gift to the American Indian College Fund. Within less than a week and a half, I received an incredibly well-written thank you letter that had a few things in it that caught my eye.

  1. It platformed for their next outreach. The closing paragraph let me know in very plain language that I would be hearing from them again in a few months with an update on what my gift is doing. Based on their correspondence so far, I have no doubt I will — and I’ll be expecting it. It will get read.

  2. It included someone to contact if I have questions. I’ve always thought this is a nice touch and encourage nonprofits to include a name, phone number and email of someone who can field follow up from donors. Open the door and invite people in.

  3. It invited me to an event to meet the students I’m helping. Will I make it to an event? Maybe. Maybe not. Am I flattered to be invited? Very much so. This made me feel like I’m not just a name on their list, but a part of this group — and part of their success. A warm, effective—and easy—idea with a lot of impact. Especially for a first-time donor like me.

The other thing I love is that none of these things cost extra money. There was no flashy insert or goody. Just very friendly, gracious language in a brief letter. Well done.

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